Copenhagen, Denmark. City No. 1 in the world to visit


Copenhagen is number one on the list of major cities

The world’s leading travel guide places Copenhagen as number one in the list of major cities that the travel guide recommends visiting in 2019.

The appointment of Copenhagen as “Best in Travel Cities for 2019” was made by a panel of approximately 3,000 destination experts, who contribute to Lonely Planet’s destination descriptions.


Lonely Planet’s text on Copenhagen states: “Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s undisputed ‘It Kid’, an ever-evolving, forever-surprising epicenter of show-stopping dining, innovative design and enviably good living.”

Copenhill, skiing 365 days a year on top of an advanced waste disposal facility

Copenhill, skiing 365 days a year on top of an advanced waste disposal facility

The motivation emphasizes, among other things, Copenhagen’s high gastronomic level at both Michelin level and the thriving street-food market on Refshale Island. It also gives pluses in the character book that Tivoli now holds almost full year open, just as both Danish architecture and design are emphasized with, among other things. BLOX in the Port of the capital.

Tivoli, Copenhagen-Odinexpressen

Tivoli, Copenhagen-Odinexpressen

Furthermore, the judging panel is impressed with Copenhill, the ski slope on the roof of the incinerator at Amager and the completion of the Metro Cityring.

Copenhagen Skyline

Copenhagen Skyline

In the Guide for 2019, Lonely Planet highlights a wide range of Copenhagen’s offerings of experiences and the city’s lifestyle. the city’s cycling culture, the clean bathing water in the harbor, the mix of the old streets and new architecture and design as well as the city’s many museums.

Blox, Copenhagen

Blox, Copenhagen, a cultural and architectural high power engine, of course, eco-friendly and such an experience

Lonely Planet’s readership is primarily younger, digitally oriented people with a high disposable income and therefore represents a target group that the Danish capital would like to attract even more.

House in the sand dunes with thatched roof and Danish flag

Increased awareness of Denmark as a destination

When Lonely Planet highlights Copenhagen in its 2019 guide, it also creates increased awareness of Denmark as a travel destination. And at Wonderful Copenhagen you have a great focus on inspiring the city’s guests to go around and experience the capital in a larger geography – in the different districts and all over Zealand. In line with Lonely Planet’s recommendation of Copenhagen as a destination all year.

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