Romance and nostalgia in Bergamo

Romantic Bergamo

In the middle of the northern Italian hilly landscape lies Bergamo. A romantic city that holds much more than you would at first glance. The cozy squares, green areas and small streets with bistros, pasticcerias and gelaterias make the town ideal to spend an extended weekend in.

See the local Bergamo

Bergamo’s locals are traveling around one of the city’s main roads, Papa Giovanni, and the beautiful street Via 20 Settembre, where there are good shopping and shopping opportunities in the local specialty shops. The street shops adorn the pedestrian street all the way to Piazza Pontida – one of Bergamo’s many small squares, where the local Italian atmosphere is free. Here there is always an exciting sum of life and energy from the many locals, whether you are looking for a morning espresso and today’s newspaper, an Italian dinner meal or a cool gelato. Every Monday from early morning until 13:00 it is possible to make good and cheap purchases in one of the city’s markets in Piazza Malpensa just south of Bergamo train station. Everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, juicy rotisserie chicken, to bags, clothes, small espresso cans and other hardware can be found here at great prices.

Romance and nostalgia in Citta Alta Bergamo

Bergamo is a romantic city to be enjoyed on foot at a leisurely pace. The city’s location in the northern Italian mountain landscape has resulted in the city being divided into two levels. The city’s location is also the reason for the name Bergamo, which originates from Berg Heim – “the city on the mountain”. One of the city’s signature areas is the old town, which is located above the rest of Bergamo. It is possible to drive to the district, but instead, it is recommended to enjoy the special funiculare, a small train carriage that goes up and down the mountain wall between the newer, low-lying part of Bergamo (Citta Bassa) and the old high-altitude district (Citta Alta ). The trip takes a few minutes and the transport time can be used to consider the suit-dressed Italians at Vespascootere along Via Papa Giovanni, which slowly becomes smaller as the small funiculare approaches Citta Alta. On arrival at the Old Town, take a stroll along the main street Via Gombito towards Piazza Vecchia, where among other things is the opportunity to taste an Italian dessert specialty Polenta e Osei or get freshly baked bread and pizza at the popular Il Fornaio (Danish: stone oven baker ). In the evening, the old town of Bergamo is also an obvious place to enjoy the view of the lights from the small streets of the lower Bergamo surrounded by the northern Italian landscape.

Experiences outside the Italian mountain town

There are plenty of exciting experiences around Bergamo. Half an hour’s drive to the west or three blocks by train from the city’s station is the exuberant city of Milan, which, in turbulent streets, tall buildings and mass tourism, is in great contrast to Bergamo’s tranquil mountain atmosphere. To the north of Bergamo, the source originates from the exclusive Italian water and soft drinks San Pellegrino, which can also be enjoyed at Bergamo’s Restaurants, Cafes, and bistros. Bergamo is definitely worth a visit if you are in northern Italian. A place with a romantic atmosphere, exciting streets and old stories that should be experienced with someone you love.

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