Bali and the hidden treasures of nature


Bali from pristine beauty and innocence to now

Tripadvisor’s users have voted Bali the world’s best travel destination. And for the first time have included the category “islands”. It is amazing and really good for Bali’s tourist industry that the whitewash and also the black beaches are so sought after. Here at Traveltalk we will write a lot about Bali and begin with a little intro.

The way paradise islands go

Almost all paradise islands and other lovely travel destinations experience a course roughly like this. First, there are some backpackers landing and then some wealthy front runners, also known as the jet set, as on Capri, Sardegna in Italy and large parts of Thailand. Then, hotels are being built and restaurants, cafes, and bars are being opened, and the infrastructure is being improved and scheduled flights and charter flights are being introduced. Prices are affordable. We now have a destination that generates a lot of revenue for “the chosen few”. Then the jet set leaves the place as grasshoppers who have eaten all leaves and go on to something new.
As is the case with Mallorca or now Boracay in the Philippines, the art is to maintain a travel interest based on quality and respect for nature and people (read local population).

Bali has lots of authenticities. Bali has experienced this development in some respects, and Bali has gotten that reputation, but the truth is that Bali, like Mallorca, still has lots of authentic and amazing beaches and places worth the whole trip. And then one can go back to one’s luxury hotel in one of the established tourist resorts on the island.
So here are a few ideas to see the real Bali and understand and taste the island’s incredible beauty and charm. Bali is indeed beautiful still! The places we will describe in the near future are but not exclusively these:

Seminyak Beach

Menjangan Island

Pemuteran  (Divers paradise)

Nusa Ceningan (super private island)

Tulamben, diving and high-class snorkeling snorkeling

Blue Lagoon

Nyang Nyang Beach

Pantai Soka

Travel tips to Bali


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Golfing in Bali

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Lombok, the next to Bali island is the new place to go

Lombok, Indonesia – Bali’s beautiful little sister

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