Andermatt in Schweiz, as good as Alpine skiing gets

Are your alpine skis going to Andermatt in Switzerland?

Andermatt is a strong challenger to the perhaps better-known ski resorts in the Alps: All the Alpine countries are fighting for your skis, they should simply go to their country, it seems natural enough, and all ski countries such as Austria, Italy, and France and Switzerland deliver a very fine skiing experience. It’s more a question of what you value on your ski holiday, so let’s start with an introduction to this top destination in Switzerland as a ski country.

So feel free to read here and watch this video if you’re into freeriding, maybe just as a spectator, that’s ok too.

Andermatt’s white powder snow

Andermatt is known for its powder. It is quite high between 2000 -3000 meters and lies in a narrow valley in the northern Alps, where it snows quite a bit. Good for Andermatt and for sure also for you! The majority of the pistes are on steep hillsides and in the shade of Gemsstock, but that only makes for better snow. In general, it is said that the snow is a little better here than in the Valais region, which is Switzerland’s “head office” for large ski resorts, but we will get to those.
You must have skied for a few years or had a big schnapps before playing on Gemsstock’s black pistes. The main route down is black, and so are most of the off-piste routes to the intermediate station, and the same all the way down to the valley, but adapt to the ease of a black piste for everyone to come down with. But if you’ve been skiing for a few years, it’s a really good challenge.

Great tourist development in Andermatt

The old Andermatt was and is partly a less sleepy town, almost unchanged for 30 years. But something had to happen, so in the 00s, they started building a completely new district on the outskirts of the city, which also contains a 72-hole golf course, several classy hotels and apartment complexes and new restaurants, etc. But they had to dig even deeper: they invested in several 6-person chairlifts and built the neighboring towns, such as Nätschen-Gütsch and the ski area Sedrun, which is a full 15 km from Andermatt. Yes it is now a  bigger area and for more types of skiers. And then Radisson Blu said yes, thank you, this will be good, we’re on board. So there is no shortage of good accommodation options. In the 2018/18 season, there were to be new gondolas and more chairlifts. You go all in in Andermatt.

Ski facts for Andermatt

The city: 1,445 m
The terrain: 1,445 m to 2,960 m
Lifts: 22
Pistes: 120 km, 20% blue, 60% red, 20% black
Lift pass: CHF 273

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Alternatives to Andermatt are the well-known Verbier, which is incredibly well located in terms of snow security and ski terrain. Engelberg is also an option and is used a lot by Zurich’s skiers at the weekend. Both are high, i.e. over 3000 metres. You pass both on your way to Skt. Moritz and for that matter Italy. It is a small pearl chain of skis at a high level.


Go to Andermatt for superb skiing

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